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Judy Diamond

401k and Pension Lead Generation & Analysis

Find and win new business with easy to understand Red Flags, Plan Score Cards, and Sales Talking Points.

Ideal for group retirement plan sales and marketing professionals.


Convert More Leads & Close More Business with Larkspur Data Resources

Providing data, marketing and sales services for financial advisors

Increase your benefits and retirement plan market share with precise plan data and competitive knowledge.

World Class Sales Intelligence for Top Retirement Plan Advisors

Identify Top Prospects

Win First Meetings

Close Business Faster

Judy Diamond Data Resources

Easily find 401k and pension leads with advanced filtering and analytical tools.

Focus on the Right Leads - Target and prioritize leads with Red Flags and other prospect strength indicators.

Win New Business - Impress plan decision makers with Plan Score Cards and customized analysis that prepares you to propose solutions for your prospective clients from the first meeting.

Red Flags - Identify plans that might be dissatisfied with their current retirement program with more than a dozen Red Flags, including: (1) Issued corrective distributions, (2) Low contribution level, and many more.

Plan Scorecard - The Plan Score Card summarizes a plans value as a prospect, and will help you easily measure the performance of a plan.

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Larkspur Data Resources

DataMaster Pro

DataMaster Pro is an online qualified plan database-marketing tool with detailed information on over 1.4 million plans nationwide.   Users can search by any combination of over 50 different criteria.  Searches can be very basic, for example, just the plans in a given zip code or run more detailed searches focusing on certain asset ranges, plan types and more.  After entering all custom criteria, users can simply click on “Find” to discover how many plans fall within their selected parameters.

Powerful prospecting tool

This powerful prospecting tool, is far and away, the most comprehensive qualified plan database ever released.


Planisphere is the next step in the evolution of qualified plan sales. Unlike any other product on the market Planisphere will guide you through every step of the sales cycle, helping you to work smarter, be more efficient and look like the professional you are in the process. Planisphere runs in all popular web browsers, tablets and smart-phones. It’s also flexible, allowing for on-the-fly customization of search fields and results.

Customized Benchmarking tools

Plan sponsors aren’t always convinced that they need to make a change. Don’t just tell them show them! Planisphere allows you to instantly generate full-color graphs benchmarking a prospect’s plan using fees, participation rates, investment performance and more. Generate comparisons and then show the prospect how their plan stacks up against others.


Identify Top Prospects

Screen plans for high fees, poor fund performance, and centers of influence. Develop campaigns in your CRM with fully exportable reports.

Win First Meetings

Engage plan sponsors by leveraging the visibility of BrightScope Ratings in the press and search engine results.

Close Business Faster

Create professional, prospect-friendly benchmarking reports before first meetings that highlight fee and investment analysis.

BrightScope Spyglass

World Class Sales Intelligence for Top Retirement Plan Advisors